Persib Bandung


The football league in Indonesia is divided into categories just like every other league in other countries. The highest league identified as the Indonesian premier league is al league that was founded in 2011 with sixteen teams participating that year. The premier league is fully sponsored which acts as an advantage for the players who participate in it since facilities required are made available by the sponsors. The level is competition in the premier league is high since it consists of the strongest teams in Indonesia. The teams are also allowed to get players from outside Indonesia as a strategy of improving local football in the country.

The second league in the country in terms of ranking is the super league which consists of teams that fail to qualify to join the premier league. This level of soccer is also controlled by the football federation of Indonesia which also sponsors it through government funds. The quality of soccer in this level of soccer is also good and produces players who join the premier league and other international leagues. At the end of each football season players from the league are awarded for their performances in their respective fields and this also acts as a motivating factor for the players.

The soccer leagues are controlled by the football federation of Indonesia which is in charge of football in the country. They are also mandated the responsibility of running the Indonesian national team which part in international competitions. The players in the leagues also receive good payments for the services they render to the club. Players sign contracts with the clubs for a specific period of time after which they can renew their contacts or transfer to other football clubs. The Persib Bandung is one of the most supported football leagues in Asia.